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The facts:
-I love my husband, the former Royal Marine Commando Sniper (hence the interest and opinions from over the pond!) We have just celebrated our second anniversary!
-Hardcore supporter of the 2nd Amendment
-History lover, big time
-Love 24, postcards, pjs, romantic comedies, photography, the military channel, and knowing that wherever he is, my man's thinking about me.

This blog is titled "In Training" because I feel like I'm in training for so many things! I'm in training to receive my degree in History. I'm in training to be not only a wife, but a military wife, and not U.S. military, but the Royal Military! After that I'll be in training to be a great mother. I'll be in training on all the jobs I'll ever have. I'll be in training to be a grandmother. I'm in training to be a friend, a daughter, a better cook, photographer, & shooter.
I love to learn, I'll always be learning throughout my life, so I'll always be... in training.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

You name it, I've shot it, or will shoot it!
~Shot competitive trap for 6 years
~Know how to handle an AR-15 from 100 to 600 yards. Probably more. Seriously.
~Blessed to have lived in one of the lucky states that is NOT trying to ban all forms of self defense. Meaning I carry.
SO, The next time you see a 5 foot 2 inch cute little thing walkin' down the street - you think about the above.


I rarely wear matching socks
I have a 7 year old black lab, and a yellow lab puppy that my husband and I got while living in Britain
Never miss a University of Arizona basketball game. - Bear Down!

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