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dumb yanks

yet another thick as sh*t yank that is not welcome in scotland. please sod off back to your poxy country. Must say i loved seeing the towers burn..some well overdue payback for all the misewry that the yanks have inflicted on the world.
you are a truly ugly individual and the world would be a better place without cretins like you.


Wow, yes, I can definitely see where "dumb yanks'" spiteful demeanor origniated from. Kath, I can't believe you would be so derogatory toward your new home country...oh, wait; you weren't...

Well, then it was probably your poor grammar and redneck writing skills--just a sampling of all Americans. Oh, nope.

Your arrogant and vindictive view of other countries? No; guess that didn't come out in the writing...

Ugly cretin? No, "ugly" would be evidenced by the venom spewed in the "dumb" comment, and "cretin" would be anyone who rejoices in the deaths of innocent and unsuspecting ones--American or, in 500 of the Twin Tower cases, not.


Goalie: Great response - you wrote a better comment than I could come up with! :o) Thanks for watching out for me!

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