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I think the newspapers have blown it out of all proportion in order to gain scandal headlines and sell their papers. Hardly a surprise. There are those who believe the newspapers over and above their own commonsense, and I've seen a few comments along those lines in other blogs on this very subject - where there is no firm argument about the Royal Marines so the poster has to lower himself to personal insults!



I would agree and say that most people believe the newspapers before they think about it or talk to someone involved.

I've had the chance to talk to 2 Royal Marine Commandos about it, and I'm glad that I did. Personal insults is never the way to go. I admit, I'll tease about it, but that's because I actually know and love the Royal Marines.

It's nice to have you stop by, hope you come again! I'm going to go check out your site ASAP

~ Kath

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