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WOO HOO!!!! You'll be much happier very soon;)

Growing Up

I'm so pleased for you that you are getting to see him. I hope you enjoy every minute of it.


Yeehah!! Great news!!
I'm going to be in San Antonio in 2 weeks too to see my daughter at Ft Sam.
She's graduating from AIT.
Well, San Antonio just may never be the same ~ ;o)
Have fun!!


Isn't it crazy how we wish half our life away and have to wait until it is nearly over before we stop.
Enjoy the anticipation and the event.


Thank you all!!

YM: Maybe I'll see you around ;o)

Pat: Thanks for stopping by! It is crazy, but I have to say as hard as it is being apart, it's almost a fun adventure at the same time.

Patriot Xeno

I've been there a couple times for swim meets - but I pretty much didn't go anywhere except the pool (which was a very nice pool, btw).

I think the Alamo is there, which might be interesting.


Ah, a swimmer huh. I'll add that to your resume then.

Citizen Grim

Add hockey to my resume.

Patriot Xeno

i used to be, not anymore.

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