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Glad you had a great time. It's never easy saying goodbye.


wow, he is one good lookin bloke, and that is an amazing looking young woman!! i need to get me a girl like that!;-) oh yeah I DO!!! Thanks for the past fortnight, i wish it never had to end. i love you baby!! Yours forever!


What a lovely time for both of you and a bonus if the parents approve.


Thank you all! Definitely a bonus if the parents approve!

I love you, too Sunshine xxx

Citizen Grim

wow, good work Kath, sounds like a fun week.

now I need to go some chick with a cool accent...


Great photo on the steps! And, Easter is just around the corner, so, more "airport's greatest kisses" for you two! :)


Aw, thanks man! It's one of my favorite photos from that trip.

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