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Growing Up

Welcome to Military life is so true. I'm not going to lie and say it gets better because it doesn't. Hubby is going to be away a lot over the next 9weeks. We are suppose to move in June something tells me thats not going to happen.


I know, I know. I'm glad you're straight up with me, no use making anything a fairy tale ;o) It's not easy, it's very difficult, sometimes I think talking so little is worse than not talking at all (not that I'd give it up.).
I'm sorry to hear yours will be gone a lot, hope you and the kids have some good times together! Wishing you the best :o)

Citizen Grim

My sister has been married for three years, but her husband has been in Iraq for 20 months in that time. I think he's done now, tho, and he can pick any assignment he wants.


Your sister sounds like a strong woman, I'm glad they're catching a break now! You can thank them both for me and my family

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