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bootneck in the making

RMs i've spoken to don't seem too happy about it either. but as long as all of the light infantry units can pass the commando course then fair one, i can't see a problem, create the new battalion. i'm sure not all of them would make it though, and as has already been stated, CTCRM just isnt big enough to enable the creation of this new battalion quickly.
If it is going to go ahead, they should think about giving them something other than ALL the gash jobs as well. If the men are up to the required standards, they should be allowed to serve up front with all the RMs. It'd take a while, but with the amount of knowledge the Royal Marines possess, it isn't an impossible task to slowly bring the army up to current Royal Marines standards. Lets face it, it was mostly Army Commandos in WW2, and didn't they do ok?
I think Raw recruits are also considered to be a higher calibre bcause they chose the Marines not the army. They want to be the best already. They can then be trained exactly how the Royal Marines want instead of having to go back to basics, and re-train them all (wasting more of taxpayers money).

one last point. They might want to add a few basic washing lessons to the commando course for the pongo's, and A nice shower at the end of the endurance course perhaps.


Booties are good squaddies - no disagreement there - but to say that squaddies aren't up to some of what they do is crap. There are some areas that the RM's are specialist and yes they are probably fitter/better motivated than your average squaddie but most of the operational deployments they've done in the last few years could have been done by any half decent infantry battalion.


Maybe apart from Telic - they were hoofin' (I think that's the word) on Telic 1.


I think y'all both make good points. If the Army guys are ready and up to snuff, then they should be considered for the "elite" jobs. It's no secret that the Royals are exceptionally trained, and the Marines should demand the same from the new Army Commandos. Just as the Army should demand that Marines working with them reach their levels (bootnecks across the world just burst out in gales of laughter, but I'm serious!)

I do have my doubts as to which is "better," newly trained RMs or experienced Army. I just don't have enough experience to say...

I spoke with my Royal as soon as I read this (IN PERSON!!) and he said [jokingly] he would prefer that the Army stayed out of his Marines. I believe he said something about the Army's "bad drills." But, he did say if they're consistantly willing to stay at the work level of the RMs, he'll be glad to have them.

It's pride, and pride in your service is a good thing! Just as long as everyone remembers you're on the same side! :o)


Haha, yes US, "hoofin'" is the word!

Sometimes I think I hear that word in my sleep...

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