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Patriot Xeno

Sounds like a good time.

The big mahmoo

Friedhelm's Bavarian Restaurant and Bar
I've eaten there several times and haven't had anything that wasn't well prepared and tasty. Or as Royal might say, "very nice".


Thanks y'all!


Ahhh ... zitrone schnitzel, paprika schnitzel, jager schnitzel ... hmmm ... rotwurst mit curry/ketschup sosse, und frites und ein bier ... there's more to be found on a menu ... hmmmm ... :)

Can ya tell I spent TWO years in Germany? :)

Next time, before ya go, drop me a note and we'll go over a menu. Hmmmm ...



Hey that's awesome! I definitely will. I'm one of those pretty non-adventurous eaters, I have to know what's in the food before I even go near it!

(I'm getting better though!)
Sounds like you had a great time in Germany, maybe I'll have to check it out :)

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