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Citizen Grim

heh, I've heard "git er done" and "fixin to" more than I'd like here in KY, too


Haha, guess they all actually would be pretty Southern in nature!


Kath, the way you aligned yourself with BNP extremists the other day on Coppersblog has offended alot of people who consider it cowardice. Would you like to explain yourself? Alot of people saw you do it.


fjl: I do not care to explain myself, as there is nothing to explain.

For anyone who is curious as to what Fjl means, I commented and said I enjoyed reading The Policeman's Blog, that his tips in a post were funny, and that the world is full of hypocrits. Fjl then began several personal attacks, even though she has never met me, read my blog, or heard me say anything up to that point. I honestly have absolutely no idea how this BNP thing came up with. I believe PC Copperfield has removed the comments in question, as they weren't very appropriate.

I'll say it again, I enjoy reading The Policeman's blog, and that is exactly what I mean. For Heaven's sake that's why he's on my blogroll.

Fjl, it's nice that you stopped by. I hope you read my site, maybe that will change how you think of me.

But I must ask that you please do not put any more crazy untrue allegations in your comments. Thank you.

bootneck in the making

another posasible for the bootneck ones....
good effort- you never get a well done, or real compliment... just "good effort" (with a silent "but not good enough" on the end. that or i'm just not happy with how i did)

a multicultural conservative

I read the Policeman's Blog, and the comments that remained on his site. I fail to see any connection between approving of tips such as "Drink less...Get a job...Say no to your children.." and racist bigotry for which the BNP is known. No where in either the Policeman's Blog, or in the comments made on his blog did I find references to sterilizing only those of certain ethnicities. What I did see was a desire for all people to accept responsibility for their actions, for all people to begin to live a more moral lifestyle. I endeavor to keep my house in order, and think the world would be a better place if all others did the same.


No crazy allegations, just comments on seeing people align themselves with BNP policies.
People must make their own judgements on whether aligning themselves with this group is in any way acceptable. They present themselves in a disguised attractive format, but their fascist policies are unnaceptable to every decent human being.


MC: I feel the same way, I'm not sure how I apparently lead "a lot of people" to believe that I am for this BNP party. People, ALL people, should take responsiblity for their actions, I agree. Seems so simple... :o)

Fjl: I am not British, and I do not "align" myself with any British parties, whether they be governmental, religious, or anything else.

To be quite frank, I haven't had the time to research what y'all do over there, especially when I have a country of my own that I love dearly. And I would NEVER be a part of something I didn't know anything about.

I agree with you that everyone has to make their own judgements, but you are judging me on something I never said. So I hope this comment has helped you see that I have never aligned myself with this BNP party that you speak of.


Copperfield from Coppersblog removed the comments relating to the dispute between myself and the BNP because I asked him to, not because I said anything innapropriate; I'm pleased that I waded in and hit them with my handbag nonetheless, should anyone want to know.
In UK all kind people are disgusted with their fascist behaviour. As long as you disown it Kath, and them aswell, that's cool with me.
You mustn't be seen having anything to with them. They're a disgrace.
They are invading blogs to see if people accept them and then trying to put across their manifesto, which is what was going on on Coppersblog the other day.

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