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Princess, As I was reading your latest blog I kept thinking back and images of you growing up kept popping into my head. And I thought "Wow! Time really does fly". You have grown into such a fine, principled young woman. I am so proud of you and I love you so much.



Dad, that means so much to me! You know all the credit goes to you and Mom!

I promise I'll try not to drive y'all crazy with the wedding planning, I'll be good :o)
~ Princess


I so agree with you about always being in training even at my age. It's never too late.
I like the new lay-out. If I feel brave enough I'll try him.

Bootneck in the making

"Bootneck in the Making, write to me about something RM related that he wanted Royal's opinion on. THAT is why my site is the way it is. I was able to help someone - at least I hope we helped you, man!"

you helped plenty :) (and very quickly too i might add)
if i need more advice i'll definately be contacting you, so long as thats ok.


Aw, I'm glad!
Contact me anytime you need anything ~ I may not always be able to get in touch with Royal that fast (but if anyone can, it's me haha).

And that goes for anyone and everyone that would like more sort-of inside info on the Royal Marines!

Have a great week, Bootneck


Thanks Pat! I like the thought that it's never too late :)

He's a nice guy, you can go read his other reviews if you would like to do it, but aren't sure :)


Diggin' the new look. Much, much better.


Thank you, thank you very much. :)


ooooh you prettied up the place! Looks good:)

Hahaha to your Dad...a future bride who promises to be good when it comes to wedding planning! He didn't buy that did he?


Haha, he probably didn't, but at least he can hold it against me later :o)

Politics of a Patriot

I want to have my sight reviewed, but I'm almost afraid of what he might say. -__-'


It was a tough decision for me, 'cause I'm not the best with criticism ;o) But it did help, and he's a nice guy!

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