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Growing Up

You do get a lot af arseholes out there. He was sick to say that poeple he knew got killed. When you think of what other people have went through when someone they know has been killed in action.


I couldn't agree more. He has absolutely no respect for... well anyone. I did think of you and your husband, and my Royal when writing this. This guy has no idea what military men, women, and their families go through.


is there anyway to get in touch with maria? i worked with phil/grahem when living in ireland and i am a little curious to see if she is who i think she is.


Hi Amanda, thanks for stopping by. I'll be shooting you an email soon.


Me and my girlfriend actually met phil in Nuremberg in August 2006 while we were staying at the lette'm-sleep hostel. Hung out with us for about three days telling us all about his "past", buying us free shit, and offered to take us hiking with him in the alps.

We believed him of course. He's got a Royal Marines Commando tatoo with a dagger insignia on his right shoulder and carried an army backpack and very impressive looking id card.

According to him he had just travelled all over europe relying on the kindness of others (probably true) and was there to learn German for an upcoming job for a "medium sized German oil company operating in South Africa". I was unaware that there were oil fields in South Africa, but he's got a pretty good reality distortion field about him, you just don't question there things.

At the time he was running around telling everyone that he was from an island north of ireland, and until the age of 14 he spoke only Irish and Welsh Gaelic. Then his parents were killed in a car-crash and he was sent to the mainland to live with his grandmother.

He went on to tell us that at the age of 17 he left school to join the Royal Marines, where he eventually became a commando. 20 exciting and tragic stories later, he met his future wife while recovering in a military hospital from two broken legs. A few years he got married (proposed to her on a himalayan mountaintop), but last year she tragically died of cancer. He did a helluva wistful yet brave look telling while us this, I'm telling you, the man needs to enrol in an acting course.

I've got a good memory for a good story, so I could go on about the different tales from operations he supposedly went on, but I can't be bothered typing it all. The point is, storytime with phil (he admitted his first name was grahem, but he "didn't like it") drew a helluva crowd at the hostel for the three days he was there.

After that he mysteriously disappeared, and while I googled Phil Eckerman I never thought to check for Grahem Eckerman until now. Somebody really needs to mess around with the google rankings so that philip turns up this first.

Anyways Phil, if you manage to read this, no hard feelings (from me at least, but other people might be less happy), stop using people and consider becoming a writer. Helluva imagination you've got there, send me whatever you come up with.

Just don't ask for money...


Oh, and he really didn't look like a commando when we first met him. Seems too young, too jumpy. However, the reality distortion field soon kicks in and not one person called him on it. And the tattoo and id card helps...


Hi todd.ian, welcome to the site! What you're saying is what I've heard from different people who have come into contact with him as well. Not the same details, but along those lines.
You have a great idea telling him to become a writer - much less scandal (well maybe, ha) that way :o)
Thanks for stopping by


he is a good for nothing lying scumbag cheat who deserves to be strung up by the balls & shot by all the people who he has done the dirty too!.Shooting is even too good for that bastard!.try having him hung,drawn & quartered.then burn the bastared

ms kayleigh maben

hiya i married graham on 8/5/06 u want any info email me. do u ken he raped an 8 yr old in 1999?
he is not 2 b trused. would like 2 hear back fi any 1 my email address is [email protected]
all emails welcome!!!

ms kayleigh maben

phil if ur readin this i want my divorse. i want my grans money back all £14000
of it and u better stay away fi kids and scotland
if i find out that uve bn her then good help u.
and i ken about the affares. u deserve 2 die 4 wat u put me thro u sick kiddy fiddling nonce.
hope u rot in hell!!!

helen henderson

i cannot believe you, you are a sick perverted prick who should be locked away, i cant be liece kayjeigh and i fell for your story what bullshit just to make people feel sorry for you and to scam them for everything they have got. do deserve everything that comes to you, i hope you rot in hell, i hope kay gets that devorce i cant believe she even married you. you better stay clear away from her. helen

ms kayleigh maben

phil was never in the forses hes a low life.
watch out never belife anythin he says n never trust him wi cash or anythin.
be warned

Somebody who read the story

Wish some of you posters would learn to spell! The spelling in this article is APPALLING!!! Did any of you actually GO to school!


Hello somebody! I appreciate your comment but would like to point out that the spelling in the actual 'article' is mine and is just fine. I think you are referring to the people leaving comments, which of course shows you are right.
Welcome to the site, hope you come back and visit!


if any one knows were graham is then please let me know. i am his wife.

Buck Felize

Thanks for the image. This **** is toast if he gets pinged by the Green.



Hey Buck, thanks for visiting the site. I definitely understand the feeling. Without sounding too "mother-y", please remember to not get yourself in trouble while making him "toast" - he's not even worth it.


Eckerman made the front page of the Hayes and Harlington edition of the Gazette on 10th December 2008. Two weeks earlier he had been sending out letters asking for donations to make Christmas better for the children of seven of his former colleagues who were killed in action. He fooled a local pub landlord and was given a room and a couple of shifts behind the bar, where he put out collecting tins.

The landlord had met him a year earlier, when he vanished. This time the landlord searched the internet and found the Daily Record story. Bingo! Eckerman has now vanished again.


Hi Chris, welcome to the site! I quickly searched for the article you are referring to and was not able to find it - if you know of a link please put it in the comments or email it to me and I'll look at doing a brand new update post. Thanks for stopping by!

siobhan wright

he is in jail apparantly hes been sein ma mate steff for a few months now they split up after she found out

Piss taker hater

The dog shit DID go down, but good old British justice (NOT) the Son of a B**** is OUT and about.....BE WARNED!!!! ;-(

kayleigh maben

amanda i can answer any questions u have about graham/phil.
maria has changed all her details. i married the scum bag.

kayleigh maben

what did he go down 4?
i really need my divorce.
i have trying 4 3.5 years now.

Retro Jordan

Excellent post. It makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. I learn a lot, thank you! Wish you make a further progress in the future.


Kayleigh, it's a year on from your last post... you can get a divorce with or without his consent after enough time, and you certainly appear to have good grounds. Consult a solicitor - if you don't have any funds then some do free consultation for 30 minutes, which can be used to pick their brains, or go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau. Sometimes even county court staff can help you.

I married this man (http://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/Craig_Colclough), who whilst not a paedophile certainly fell from the same tree as Mr Eckerman. I found out he was a serial con artist (sociopath?) the day after the honeymoon thanks to google. There are some lunatics out there who just love to prey on women, and will never understand what it costs them. I wish you luck getting on with your life.


Georgina, thank you for commenting. While I don't know Kayleigh, I bet your comment will help her out if she is still in need. I'm sorry to hear that you had a similar experience! I hope you are doing well now :-)

ms Kayleigh Graham

Hi Georgina I finally got my divorce after 5 years. And now Graham is back in jail. He is going by Liam Kissane now. But still up to the tricks. Look up his name. I got the divorce on my grounds of his unreasonal behaviour. Judge was good and agreed that he is a monster and I didn't need a lawyer.

Samantha Mayhew

I have recently been the new woman in this sick bastard's life!!!

I fell for all the lies, being in the marines, the wife and daughter being killed in a car crash was a great one, thanks for that Liam.

Luckily for me I found out very quickly what a lying, theiving scumbag he really is and confronted him. Needless to say he's done a runner!

Just wanted to let anyone out there know that he is now going by the name Liam O'Riain and has recently been up to his old tricks in Taunton, Somerset (big marine town).

If you are reading this, you are sick bastard and you need major help!


graham eckerman is now travelling under the name "sean liam oconaill and was last conning his way around wiltshire. females please take heed of this name and pic as i was fooled for 5 months untill i started becoming suspicious and investigating myself also he is pretending to have stomach cancer...

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