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Hay baby girl, thank you so much for being so supportive, i wouldn't, or couldn't ever imagine myself with anyone else. I don't think that there........sorry, i know there CAN'T possibly be any one better out there, it's not possible!!!! yours always

Patriot Xeno

i just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

bootneck in the making

"Oh, and drink more water"
most definitely... i learnt the hard way recently (and properly ashamed too).. blacking out and collapsing on a speed march isnt fun. still, finger out of arrse making sure my admin is spot on next time.
"The boy actually enjoys getting thrashed"
i do too mostly (but i try to avoid the smiles) :p.. think of it as extra phys, which is going to help going towards getting you fitter and hopefully getting me a green lid.
Royal, you sound like as good a role model as any! Keep it up! :)


Royal: "yours always" yeah, honey, you're stuck with me now...

Xen: Aw, someday you'll feel the same way! And I'll totally find out about it and tease you.

Bootneck: I'm constantly trying to get him to take better care of himself, last week wasn't drinking enough, this week is a sunburn :o) You'd better watch it, or I'll start nagging you, too!

I'm glad to hear you like doing phys ~ must make the job easier. Haha. And as for role models, you're not so bad yourself! ;o)


good stuff. i love your work.


Thank you, Jake!

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