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Well said Princess!!!

the big mamoo

See the previous posting about a US marine who used a knife to save his life...


Good Post.

Though I don't carry a knife myself (own a hunting knife though, never used it), I think this is one stupid policies yet.

Once again we are tackling the symptoms but not the source of the problem. "You don't keep fishing dead bodies out of the water, you go upstream to find out who's chucking them in".

Right now we've experienced many cases of stabbings here. But just banning one implement achieves nothing. What we need is to establish better education in the UK, and looking at the root of fear and hate.

Banning knives just says it's ok to attack people, just don't stab them.


Dad: aw, thanks!
Mom: right on

ITM: thanks, and I will have to say that you are one of my favourite (spelled your way!) British people :o)

Education is the key, there's no doubt about it. That's what I love about the U.S. ~ among other things! Besides my father, who taught me almost everything, I've been in more than 4 programs in my lifetime that taught me about firearms and firearm safety. I knew by the time I was old enough to know things that you never touch someone's gun unless you have permission, that you always treat a gun as if it were loaded, that you never point a firearm at ANYTHING you don't intend to shoot, and so on. It's key, it's vital.

LOVE the quote, very smart!

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