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bootneck in the making

slightly away from the romanticness of museums....
you mean to say they only spent 5 minutes baiting the pongo? poor drills!


Haha, well maybe 5-8. But to be honest and fair, they had spent about 15 messing them about at Buckingham ~ which I even have evidence of :o) And just so everyone knows, my guys were very polite in taking the mick. Just a military thing...

We had visited Buckingham first, so by the time they started in on the Tower guy, I just felt so bad for all of them!

Patriot Xeno

"If there's one thing I've learned (ha) it's that smart chicks/guys dig museums. And you want a smart guy/chick don'tcha? "

I take issue with that. I've found it depends more on how smart a person thinks they are and wants others to think they are as opposed to how smart they actually are. Lot of snooty people raving about museums.

Only museum I'd make a special trip to see again would be the Navy Seal museum in Florida.


Xeno, there are always fakers. All the genuinely smart people I know, including myself, love museums. I would never presume that someone was smart just because they were there or wanted to go, but it would peak my interest!

Just have to sort them out when you get there ~ haha. The Navy Seal Museum would be super cool, I've never been.

Growing Up

Hubby and I enjoyed our day in London, we love looking round museums and art gallerys it can be quite romantic.

Patriot Xeno

"All the genuinely smart people I know, including myself, love museums."

False. You know me.


GU: I'm glad to hear it! I feel the same way, I love sharing things with my other half. Finding out how he feels and what he loves. Museums are perfect for that.

Xen: I know you, eh. I'm gonna take that as a compliment. So you're saying you don't love museums? Wouldn't take a girl to one? What about liking museums? I must know!


fabolus really nice! :-)


Thanks myak! Welcome and hope you visit again!

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