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Patriot Xeno

I believe you're Royal Commando FIANCE, not wife.

Unless you got married without telling or inviting me.
*shakes fist*


Heh, yeah, but I will be a wife in 6 short (gosh I hope so) months. Unless, the evil terrorists decide to start bothering me early, in which case I'll just have to dispose of them earlier.

Fiance or wife, the end result would be the same :o)


And besides, we all know you've got the firepower to take down at least a dozen terrorists should they be stupid enough to actually try something... In fact I can see you hunting a few down just for the crank call.

You go girl...


Aw, thanks! I like to think I was raised to protect myself. I have the feeling a lot of us would do the same ;o)


As a brit RM wife, i'm with you on that one, good answer! Good blog


Glad you think so! Nice to meet you Charlie. Hope you come back, it'd be awesome to hear the opinions of a geniune British RM wife!


Charlie: Love your site! I've added your blog to my links - I wanted to tell you on your blog, but you only let blogger bloggers (that sounds funny...) comment, not "others." If you ever decide to change that, I'd love to comment on your posts :o)

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