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I think I need to introduce you soon to my side of the blogosphere. Be on the lookout.


Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you. Why is it they feel they can say what ever they want with no consequences?

Patriot Xeno

what, no hat tip?


Jake: Aw, thanks for the heads up
YM: I only wish I knew. It was certainly not the way I was raised to behave.
Xen: I added y'all :o)

Devil's Kitchen

The Chicks can't hide their disgust at the lack of support they received from other country performers. "A lot of artists cashed in on being against what we said or what we stood for because that was promoting their career, which was a horrible thing to do," says Robison.

Or possibly they disagreed with you, you fucking tossers.

Or, just possibly, they thought that you, the Dixie Chicks, were pandering to the students of Europe, the spineless, socialist, ignorant wankers that they are. I bet the DC's sales rocketed after their remark about Bush and Texas...



Amen DK, nobody says it like you do - and it's very nice to hear from someone from your part of the world (who isn't a spineless wanker!)

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