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I'm never afraid when I'm with you .... that's far dang sure!!! love ya!


Whoa... remind me to never sneak up on you...

Patriot Xeno

see? now why can't there be any hot dames on eharmony that surround themselves with weapons?


Nik: Aw, thanks woman! Love ya back

Jwookie: Don't sneak up on me.

PX: I bet that there are some, heck, I was on Christian Cafe for a while (to help my friend, wasn't serious about it,long story) Don't give up hope! ;o)


hmmmm. you're spoken for, but do you have a sister?


You really know how to accessorize;)


Aw, thanks guys! No sister unfortunately, just a younger brother for all you ladies.


Nice collection baby girl!!!
makes me happier knowing that you are able to protect yourself if you needed to! And I know you are fully capable of it too! Proud or what!!!!!!


Thanks babe, I'm glad you support me in that (and everything else, of course!). Love you

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