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Poor deluded girls. And what a sleazeball he is.


I know, I wish there weren't people like him in the world to take advantage of the kindness of others.


FACT! I know 3 Royal Marines and have had the crap kicked out of me by 2 of them.


Wow, that doesn't sound cool. The first thing that comes to mind is: was there alcohol involved? The second is: did you deserve it? :o) I'm sure not, you seem like a very nice guy.


All done in a friendly manner in the name of sport.
No alchohol involved, sadly, as it may have hurt less had I had some.


I'm relieved!

"friendly manner in the name of sport" is something I hear a lot from the Marine - the latest? A game called "nerve ball" where (from what I understand) a couple guys line up and have to stand still while the other guys throw nerf balls at them. What can I say? Men...

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