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Patriot Xeno

ok, no offense to England, but why are you moving there? Why don't you and Royal just live in Texas, instead? At least there, you're allowed to defend yourself.


Royal still has another year-ish before he can apply to leave the marines, if he so chooses. Then he has a year of return service. He's not actually happy about me being unable to protect myself, and wants to get me out of there as soon as I'd like. And Royal still carries a knife with him at all times, which is comforting to me.

He's always wanted to move to Texas, even before he met me (though I am an added bonus!) so we'll be moving back here as soon as his RM fightin' days are over.

I am sad that I have to leave my firearms with my parents, along with my puppy dog and my soul, (heh) but I'll do what I have to do to be with my Royal Marine!


"The thing is, how can a culture be so completely unsupportive of their women and children? The man is supposed to protect the family, we all know that, but how can the British government and people expect women and children to be left with nothing to protect themselves?"

You miss the point.
The British Government does not expect you to defend yourself or your family.
That is their job and heaven help you if you get ideas above your station and lift a hand, or even worse a weapon, in your defence.

The knife amnesty is an utter waste of time and would be laughable if it wasn't being taken so seriously.


Hi BB, nice to have you!

I didn't miss the point, I was more trying to mock it, desperately state the obvious, but I see what you mean (unless you were being purposefully sarcastic as well, in which case I would say "haha, I agree, sad isn't it"... I can't really tell! My apologies)

Growing up the way that I have it's difficult to comprehend a gun culture (or lack thereof) like Britain's, the living there should prove to turn out some interesting blogging :o)


I was being sarcastic too. It's very difficult to pick up in a text only medium sometimes, isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll put you on my blogroll too.

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