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This was fabulous!! I was so glad I hadn't been drinking coffee when I started reading this, the computer screen would be a mess.:)


Thanks, glad you think so! Welcome to the site, hope you come back :o)
I'm headin' over to yours now...


It was all so different way back when. I didn't know what condoms were but just before marriage went to a family planning clinic. I virtually had to prove I was getting married before thay would advise me and then was fitted up with a dutch cap. So all the responsibility was mine. But it worked then. We didn't have aids to worry about but there were really scary ads about venereal disease which kept a lot of people on the straight and narrow.

Dr. Phat Tony

I'll take a box of magnums and some rubberbands please.


Pat: My mom was the same way, took the responsibility for birth control. It's crazy to see how things have changed ~ thanks for sharing.

Doc: And you call yourself a doctor... ;o)

the big mamoo

Condoms splitting during sex?! Considering I've seen Planned Parenthood educators and adolescents blowing them up like balloons to about volleyball size with no problem...what in the heck were they doing? Or, how old were those things? Maybe I don't want to know...


Heh, yeah that was always fun... I mean, what what was the question?
Seems crazy, but people have a habit of being so nonchalant about sex, it really doesn't surprise me.

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