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OK I'll admit that it's pretty crass, but I did laugh.

I'm sure Royal has already versed you in the warped British sense of humour. We laugh at burlesque, silly, deadpan, self-depreciating and satirical jokes. It stems from a mixed reaction of fear and fearlessness in our culture and up-bringing.

Our country has lived with terrorism for over 40 years (the IRA), killing our soldiers and blowing up public buildings. Before that we were bombed all over the land in World War 2.

Being able to look at a dismal situation and joke about it is what got Londoners through the bombings of WW2. It's partly a coping mechanism.

None were more famous for their dry wit than Sir Winston Churchill - "When I am abroad I always make it a rule never to criticise or attack the Government of my country. I make up for lost time when I am at home."

I've had to tone down my own humour a lot being engaged to a Canadian. But the British sense of humour is something that all foreigners have trouble with at first. Most of my friends who have come from abroad tend to get offended at first. You will get used to it.. hopefully you may even learn to appreciate it!


Oh gosh, is this the comment you completely lost? I'm so very sorry! Glad you took the time to write again :0)

Obviously I didn't laugh, I was actually more sick to my stomach. I do understand the type of humor you're speaking of - I have a very close work acquaintance who works in a funeral home, and know many soldiers who imploy the tactic of dark humor for coping. I try to understand as best as I can, even though my preferred method of humor is light sarcasm.
I feel that this was taken too far, and, I admit, I am the kind of person who thinks that there are lines to be drawn where comedy is concerned. Granted, I'm not in Britain, and am not incredibly familiar with the British sense of humor (nor am I against it!) but the planes struck MY twin towers (the pilot of the plane that was forced into the Pentagon was an old friend of my father's) and I felt the "joke" was inappropriate.

As for just British comedians in general though, my favorite is Lee Evans. The guy just makes me laugh. I wanna hug him. I also sometimes like Billy Connolly, but only in small doses. Mostly, until I move over at least, I just hear what's on BBC America ;o)

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