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Nice pics.
That Cerne Abbas Giant...check the size of his....club!
Funny how, what was probably a bit of Iron Age vandalism by a couple of pissed up tribesmen has become such a famous thing.

Regarding your new bovine pal. I live next door to a distillery that has installed a herd of the bloody things in their field. For the benefit of the tourists, presumably.
Being so near Glasgow, I'm surprised they've lasted so long, but they are hanging in there.


Glad you had a good time, glad to see the scottish tribesman had some useful tools!

And the cow, so cute!


Haha, y'all are awesome. BB, sorry about the cattle (I think?) I pretty much love cows anyway, but highland cattle are utterly adorable :o)

Patriot Xeno

wow, didn't realize somebody had put a picture of me on a mountain over there



Oh wow.

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