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It's best not to think about it, but it always shocks me to hear of marines being killed. I believe the hype that they are all hoofing undestroyable elite fighting heros. Which of course they are.


They most definitely are! Royal always tells me "oh didn't you know, I'm invincible!" Or, "nothing can hurt me in the green lid!" They're nails, that's for sure


I think you're a tad over the top but I read your comments on England/Scotland etc. and some of 'em made me smile.You're not exactly Bill Bryson but for some reason I liked it. Thanks.


Hi Alan, welcome to the site. I'm so happy that you don't think I'm like Mr. Bryson, as he's a sixty-ish male and I'm a 23 year old female ;o) Teasin'. Glad you liked it!

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