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Patriot Xeno

I remember coming back from class and turning on the tv in my dorm room - and then going around waking everyone else up after I saw what was happening. I don't remember if I saw the second plane hit, but I remember the feeling of disbelief and helplessness as I watched the towers fall. If a recruiter had come to school that afternoon and asked us to sign up, there would've been a whole slew of us standing there ready to go.

Welcome back, btw.


We don't forget either.
So glad all is well with you otherwise and that you enjoyed Blighty. Beware the cream teas!


I was still asleep that morning. It was a beautiful Tuesday morning in San Diego, and the soon to be Fetching Mrs. Wookie and I haad a shoebox apartment a quarter mile from the beach in Del Mar. Having just graduated college a few months earlier, I was still working two jobs as a waiter and at a local bookstore. Tuesdays were my day off from both jobs.

That morning I got a frantic call from my sister who lived maybe 30 miles away at the time. I don't remember what she said or even what time she called, but she made me turn on the TV. She had just been to New York two weeks earlier and had a picture on her desk of her and a with the WTC in the back ground.

As it turned out my soon to be wife had the day off too, and we watched the news all day too...

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