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It sounds really exciting, glad it's coming together. In the end the most important part of the day is saying your vows & declaring your love for each other in front of all those who support and love you
good luck with it all


Thanks Charlie! I think you're absolutely right, thanks for the reminder :0)


And remember to enjoy every little bit of it. That means not getting stressed or overtired. And if you have any hot water problems like I had make sure you are the one who gets it.


Pat, thank you so much, I'm definitely trying to live the next couple of months (and more!) that way.


Weddings are so stressful... Fortunately my wife did a great job. The only thing I had to do was write checks and show up.

Politics of a Patriot

The time is getting close! It's awesome that your aunt and uncles are getting to come... Congrats, Kath.


Glad to hear it, Jwookie!
Thank you so much, you guys, I really appreciate the well wishes! It's definitely getting closer, which is fun because now I get to do more.

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