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Check out www.rncom.mod.uk
and http://www.mod.uk/DefenceInternet/DefenceFor/ServiceCommunity/Hive

they are the main 'official' sites on offer here. But you're right we don't have as much as you do.


I think we're just not as outgoing as Americans.
I'm eternally grateful for the sacrifices our servicemen and women make, but would never, in a million years, say that to one of them.
I'd be terrified I'd get the piss ripped out of me!


Wow, thanks Charlie! I actually think I've been to the last one before, must have slipped my mind. My point was that we have more volunteer sites, people like you and me, if that makes sense!
BB: That may be true, I can't imagine a soldier (or the people around) ever takin' the mick out of you here! You might try it sometime, I'd love to hear how it goes ... ;o)
It means a lot to me to hear you say that you're grateful.


arrse has an offshoot for wives, friends, family etc too called rear party, links from arrse.


Matt! I missed your comments! Was actually thinking about emailing you and seeing what was up in your life the other day :o) Thanks for the heads up, I had JUST found Rear Party after I posted this.

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