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That's awesome... You two kids have fun now, ya hear.


Thank ya Jwookie. We most certainly will, my friend, we most certainly will!


Now how are they (the travel co) not going to work this out for Royal? Do you need a letter from a Mom? I'd be very happy to write one to them for you! How Rude!
Anyhoo, I'm so glad that the plans are going forward and you'll be together so much.
Thinking positive thoughts ~


Brilliant news, don't you love it when that happens. You can start to get really excited now.
Bummer about the travel people, has he got insurance? why doesn't he try getting someone more senior to write a letter explaining leave had changed/military circumstances or something of the like, have caused this to happen. It normally works or the company will feel very guilty about not supporting 'our boys' that they might give in!!!

Worth a try.


YM: Thanks a million for the good thoughts and the letter offer! Haven't talked with Royal yet today to see what's happened, but hopefully...

Charlie: No insurance, unfortunately, his boss said he couldn't do anything for him (yesterday). I'll have more information this afternoon.
Thanks for the suggestions both of y'all, it's really nice to have friends who can help :o)


Dont know what the Brits call their JAG officers, but talk to them, about geting a Millitary Needs/Exemption letter to have them change the ticket. Some times a letter from JAG will put the fear of God in to them, and they will help out. It worked with Delta and the US Army JAG letter. Might also want to put a few letters out to the papers explaining what happened and how the travel agent wont help, or let the agent know you plan on doing this.


Hi Dagamore, nice of you to stop by! Thank you for the advice, I'll see if there's anything we can do with that. Not the happiest of situations, appreciate the support!


Dagamore is right - The Sun newspaper are really pro our troops and would love a story like that.

However Royal might never live it down! And get the mick ripped out of him for a while.

But aything for a free flight!


I've noticed that about The Sun, that's really great. He would definitely take the mick, but you're right it would be worth it :o) Luckily for him, he's already booked the flight, so no news article today!

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