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Kath: unfortunately 'click to activate' don't work for me - I just get a blue background. It's a problem I'm trying to solve.


Oh dear, that's not good. I'll post the website you can find it on as well, maybe that will help! It is worth the effort, promise!


I am an Australian. I love this song. Call me a wimp but it moves me. It raises my pride in my country. Thanks for posting it here. Like many Aussies, I do not support Australia's decision to go to this war but am behind the Aussie diggers who are doing a ****ful job with perseverance, pride and professionalism.
I know they (along with oth er troops) deserve respect, prayers and Beccy Cole's singing! All the best to you. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi OI Oi!! Lets see peace soon.


Hi Martin, thanks for your comment. This song brings tears to my eyes every time - it's tremendous! Thank you so much for your support of the guys and gals in the military. Hope you visit the site again :o)


As an Aussie and also a Soldier, this song bought me to tears. I am just sorry hadn't heard it till now


Thank you for your service, Macca. I'm glad you are touched by the song. I still listen to it every so often. Such a wonderful tribute to the Aussie soldiers! THANK YOU ALL!

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