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Sugar Loaf

I went to this event and I was inspired by the whole thing, it was truly a wonderful thing they did, coming out to Killeen to talk to all of us! I just started a blog, bare with me, but please I invite you to check it out. I look forward to connecting with bloggers from this event!


Hi Sugar Loaf! Welcome! It was a beautiful and very touching event, I was so glad to have been able to come. I'd love to check out your site - going there now!


Thank you so much for scoming to the Spousebuzz live event ladies.

We are already pumped and ready for another one.

We appreciate all of the participation from the Fort Hood, and surrounding areas!!


I am so glad that you were there and I truly enjoyed meeting you and your mother. I am truly excited to keep up with you and learn more about the journey that lies ahead of you!! Best wishes!!

Guard Wife

We are so glad you could come!!! It was great to make the trip and meet so many fun and interesting spouses. :0)

It was so nice of your mom to come along...she sounds a lot like my mom! Always willing to come along for those long drives!


AWTM, LMT, and Guard Wife:
Thank y'all so much for all that you do - and for leaving such sweet comments! I imagine the next SpouseBUZZ events being EVEN better than the first!!

My mom IS amazing, couldn't be more blessed ;o) Glad to hear yours is the same!

Workout Warehouse

Its so cool to go to these and meet fellow bloggers in person.

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