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I'm glad that you got to speak to such a nice bloke!!
I still say you are priceless, so is our time together!!!
i hope i can make you as happy as you make me!
your love forever!!


You know you make me happy, and we both know that our time together is priceless! I appreciate you being so wonderful through this, and keeping me calm!
I love you darlin'


That is a really is a heart-warming story. Thanks for sharing it Kath


It's good to know there are still decent people around. Another hurdle out the way, not long now till the big homecoming!


You're welcome Pat, it certainly made my otherwise not-so-great day!
I completely agree, Charlie, as soon as I heard him say those nice things about our soldiers, I said a little 'thank you God' prayer! It's nice to know there is support for our men out there!

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