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Patriot Xeno

Ha, good times, good times.

Also, I'm leaving today - hold down the internet while I'm gone.

Alex Fear

LOL Kath that is awesome!

Makes me realise I need to do a post on search terms as I've got some freaky ones in the past.

How are the wedding plans going? I leave for Canada in a weeks time.


Aw, Xeno, I'm really gonna miss you! Stay safe and let us know about everything when you get back!!
Alex, totally awesome, right ;o) Wedding plans are starting to flow now, just 2 1/2 months to go! Have a safe trip to Canada, if you make it into the U.S. you're welcome to visit me in big ol' Texas!


My last comment didn't appear. Nothing world shattering just agreeing with you about the iniquity of smokers in pregnance.


Hi Pat, sorry about that, I can't find your last comment in my system-thing... very strange. Glad to hear you agree, my mouth just fell open when I heard about it! I couldn't imagine purposefully hurting my child for my personal benefit.

the big mamoo

YOu might want to look again; when I clicked on it, you were number 1!
Heaven help us...


Ha, yeah that's because I posted about that exact thing! Forgot about that... :o)

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