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The big mamoo

"Welfare, not warfare", I think says quite a bit. They're more interested in immediate gratification of things they want the government to give them with taxpayers' money rather than safety for the longer term. They don't want to work. Interesting pictures.


Thats George Square in the lower set of photos.
It used to have lots of flower beds, grass and lovely old trees, until they were all bulldozed away to be replaced by that attractive red tarmac stuff we have now.

Nice to see you got some authentically crap weather too, though I fear the smell of damp crusties might have been a bit overpowering.


Hi Momma, I think that's fairly true. Thanks for commenting ;o)

BB: I could imagine it being very beautiful the way you described! The buildings are something else though, very cool.
Down by the square smelled just fine (very chilly) but if you wandered further away into the streets, the smells weren't so nice! It was a good trip - now for Edinburgh!


That's bad luck Kath! Don't take it personally - we're not all like that!

Citizen Grim

Nice post... makes me sad for my Scots background, that it's come to this. (My great-great-great-great grandfather owned land a half-hour from Glasgow) ...these weak and manipulated people are a poor representative.

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