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Poor Kath! Just make sure they don't think you're trying to stick them up when you go back!

Alex Fear


First off congrats, sorry it's been a long time coming.

Secondly, re: banks and the rest of the beurocratic monster- welcome to England!

Its been a huge hassle for us too, the wife struggles daily with the drop in quality and standards compared to N. America.

Welcome to what, in reality, is a 2nd world country.

But at least we have great comedy shows. aah the office.


Wow...I feel famous! Thanks for the link; love _your_ blog and comments!


wellcome to the wonderfull world of trying to get anything due when in the military.

sorry to hear about your troubles, but the banks on post, atleast here in Germany, have the same damn hours. Why even be open, and dont have signs up saying you support the troops, and then have a sign over that that reads, close on all Saturday untill further notice.

Banks i hate them with a passion.


Would there be any point in copying and pasting your post and sending it to the head of Barclay's Bank? Or Watchdog BBC? At least you have recorded it all. I am sorry you should have this hassle and hope it gets sorted soon.


Thanks for the comments guys! It's definitely been a challenge, and it's STILL not over :o)
Goalie, thanks for the compliment - I hope people visit your site!
Pat, it seems that Barclays is now listening to us, but if it's not resolved soon I will take your suggestion.

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