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ARRGGHH! I agonize for you! Despite the fact that it makes good blog fodder, I'll pray that you're both de-stressed about this soon.


Haha it's actually pretty funny looking back a little on it. Not that I would wish this on ANYone!
Thanks for the prayers :o)


It just gets worse. I am so sorry you are having to put up with this and it must be even more didicult when it isn't your birth country and you probably feel you can't give full vent to your feelings. I really hope sanity will prevail and they will get their flipping fingers out. Royal must be livid!


Does Royal's base have people who help in situations like this? Yours can't be the only international marriage...although you'd think so, at this point!


Hope you get it all sorted out! Isn't being all growed up fun?! I love all the twists and turns that can turn something very simple into a maze.
I could use recess myself...
Hang in there - not that I have any doubt of you surmounting anything in your way!

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