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France, Spain and Austria...quick and inexpensive? Funny woman... I'm glad you're enjoying your new home!

I have a friend who's in charge of a missions trip to Honduras right now. At a restaurant last week, he commented, "I can't wait to be at the Mayan ruins on Tuesday!" Tuesday. Not, "Wow, I'd like to go to the Mayan ruins some day," but "Tuesday."

Again, enjoy your side of the pond. :)


Haha, I know how it sounds! But, being in Britain so close, you can find fairly inexpensive vacations (well, I don't know about Austria, but places in Spain definitely!)
And I need a break!
I've always been a bit envious of people able to travel - the Mayan Ruins - Yowza! Hope he has a safe trip :o)

Patriot Xeno

don't go to France, you might accidentally take it over and then look at all the problems with muslim radicals you'd have.

go to ireland - it's awesome.


Been to Ireland and it is super awesome - will go there again someday, it's ace! But probably not until Royal is out of the military.
As for France... it's the closest! But I get your meaning and appreciate your concern ;o) Heck, I'd just pass my new nation to your wiseness, you'd have it sorted in a matter of days!

Patriot Xeno

Well, if France got passed to me, there'd be some changes over there, that's for sure.


I'll get right on that, just leave the cheese and the pastries alone, for me okay?


The Vorarlaberg in Austria has beautiful mountains - I had my first honeymoon there. Spain used to be cheaper than France
but I am out of touch. Not long now.

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