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Aw, Kath, yuk! I've got empathy tears. There's not much to say but that I'll definitely be praying for you--for comfort, and for wisdom. Hang in there, woman!


Haha thanks Goalie! That's the best medicine right ;o)

Citizen Grim

"I thought, they can't bring him home!! He's out there for a reason, to do his job, and he needs to be there."

Okay, you're my hero for saying that. One of my friends (-ish) is a USArmy wife, and her husband got deploy orders for November, and she said something along the lines of "I hope those in charge decide it's not working and pull everyone out!" It struck me as so selfish and shortsighted, I was caught of guard, had no response.

Heck, I understand why someone would feel that way, but to actually say it, and devalue and undermine her own husband's job that way?? terrible.


Aw, thank you Grim, very much.
I've heard women say things like that as well, and I just don't understand it. But I do understand missing your husband... I just deal with it in a very very different way. A way I personally think is healthier for all involved!
I really appreciated your comment, but I'm no hero. Cannot thank you enough though, you raised my confidence and I needed that :o)

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