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Wow, yes, I can definitely see where "dumb yanks'" spiteful demeanor origniated from. Kath, I can't believe you would be so derogatory toward your new home country...oh, wait; you weren't...

Well, then it was probably your poor grammar and redneck writing skills--just a sampling of all Americans. Oh, nope.

Your arrogant and vindictive view of other countries? No; guess that didn't come out in the writing...

Ugly cretin? No, "ugly" would be evidenced by the venom spewed in the "dumb" comment, and "cretin" would be anyone who rejoices in the deaths of innocent and unsuspecting ones--American or, in 500 of the Twin Tower cases, not.


I'm at a loss as what to say. That is unbelievable and slightly sick. Don't let it get to you. x

Patriot Xeno

just another drunken fool trying to incite people - when he sobers up he'll probably be too busy wondering why there's a sheep in his bed to even remember commenting here


Aw, you guys are the best - really appreciate the support! And don't worry, I'm not letting it bring me down.
Xeno: Sheep!! You just stole what I was thinking and took it about 5 times further! Thanks for voicing the dark side that I'm too sweet to mention (haha) ;o)

Patriot Xeno

it's what i do

Alex Fear

They speak to us English like that too, Kath.

Don't worry about it.


Alex - They?

Kath - Best not to get too upset at hurtful comments on your blog. Theres always going to be some wanker out there who gets off on it.
He/she does not speak for the nation of Scotland and I'm quite sure they'd run a fucking mile rather than say something like that to your face.
So, in summary, fuck them.


Alex: I've heard that, but yet to experience it in person (hubby's English, but this doesn't seem to happen to him ! haha)
BB: I'm not upset, he/she's a very very sick person. Even the comments in real life I've put behind me - most people are brilliant when meeting me! I am with you though, screw 'em when they're not!

Thank you both for commenting, I've been missing you guys ;o)

Alex Fear


I jest. But a lot them do hate the English.

It's been 700 years, let it go!!!

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