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No pepper spray? Truly? Canada's like that, as well. "Equal force country," they told me as I crossed the border alone and defenseless a few years ago. I'm 5'1"; the pepper spray was to help me _reach_ equal force status! Silly countries.

Glad you're enjoying yourself, even if you have to interact with people. ;)


Yeah, it's crazy. I'm only 5'2" so I know how you feel!
Most of the people are great, really nice and I have received one or two compliments on my accent. It's just a very select few (like there are anywhere) that get to me. And really, that's probably only because I'm new and here alone :o)


Bless you, Don't let them get you down, they are just jealous that you have the great opportunity of traveling and living in a new country. And they probably have no friends!

Patriot Xeno

you should point out how you'd have even more trouble understanding them if they spoke German, then pause and say "you're welcome, ass."


First thing you have to learn Kath is that the general public are a shower (pain in the butt) I know because I had my own business for years, so don't take it personally.
I found that when people regularly came in the shop to be rude I would address them by their name and instantly they sharpen up and improve.
Mumblers should be deported! Happy Bank Holiday!


Customers are customers they can be rude and if you've got something different such as a accent they will pick up on it. You just have to smile and don't let them get to you.

The thing about the first name is true, in the US people aften use "sir" or "mamm" but people in the UK are not use to this and will probably think your being patronizing!


Xeno: always making me laugh!
Pat: Never heard 'shower' used before, that's cool. Happy Bank Holiday to you, too (I had to work, but it was still good!)
Malc: Welcome! Hope you enjoy the site. Funny you should say that because I actually have received comments on my ma'ams! Though so far, none have been offended. Really, MOST people are very very nice about those kinds of things :o)

Patriot Xeno

that's what i'm here for


"Shower?" How fun! A new insult to use, while leaving the recipient unaware!

And, Kath, I'm impressed that you're still able to see the joys in a "bank" holiday!

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