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Dear Kath I have just been catching up with all your excitement and it made me a bit teary. Thank God for people like Carrie and the Padre. There are also evil ignorant people in the world - even in Scotland and that sort of evil rubbish isn't worth reading. Just delete it and don't waste a thought on it. I hope you are feeling better and can destress. What you have had to cope with is extremely stress making so just try to make it as easy as you can for youraelf. It will get easier as it becomes less strange and you make friends.
A big hug!


Hi Pat, I've missed you posting on your site! Glad you're back safe and sound.
I honestly can't convey how much your comment has cheered me, but it definitely has! I really respect what you have to say and can't thank you enough!
A big hug right back :o)


Hi Kath, have you seen this - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/05/22/marine_hit_during_gunfight_film/

It's some helmet camera footage a Marine uploaded of an enagagement in Afghanistan.
His mates reactions when they realise where he'd been hit is priceless!


Hey thanks for thinkin' of me, BB! I hadn't seen this - it's priceless! Posting as we speak...

Citizen Grim

"he said he wasn't coming back until I had a refrigerator and it was filled with Guinness!"

Now that is the mark of a man in touch with God. :)





Hey, Kath,

Thank you.

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