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Wow! What a lovely surprise. Dads are funny. I had to break a leg to get a letter from my Dad but I never doubted his love. Have a great time.


Isn't it wonderful what some will do for their daughters? Mine flew to OH at Christmas break one year, just to drive back to SD with me at the end of the semester. Good dads.

Happy Father's Day to yours!

Patriot Xeno

your mom probably isn't coming because she doesn't love you enough.


Pat: I know, and I don't doubt mine either!
Goalie: That's awesome - happy father's day to yours as well!
Xeno: Your mom.


Kath--why "interestingly" uplifting? (http://29veh.blogspot.com/2007/06/faith-hope-love.html)


Hope Dad is behaving:)

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