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We came to fridges late. I remember visiting my sister in the seventies in the States and being surprised at the size of the fridge and everything she kept in it. Where we would just keep vulnerable things like fats, milk and cheese. But we are getting more alike these days.


I have noticed that you can buy the really big fridges (but they wouldn't fit into our house!) Really the fridge/freezer is a great size for two people my size, but that man I live with... haha


Have the same problem here in Germany. Can’t get used to the micro fridges, its not much bigger then the fridge I had in college. And that’s just sad. But with two of them it’s ok. And now I have a fridge just for the great German/Dutch beer, with a few bottles of wine for the better half.


BTW I forgot to say I have two fridges - normal size - and two large freezers.

Patriot Xeno

crazy brits.

you need to hurry up and come back home.


Dag: Haha, I'm actually not a beer drinker :o1 Though I did just try cider for the very first time a few nights ago...
Pat: my husband's parents are the same way - one fridge/freezer, one big deep freezer!
Xeno: Eh, it's not all bad over here! But soon, very soon...

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