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I dont think it is all of the Catholic church that is that way. I know that the Catholic Mass I went to today, was very pro-soldier, and the impression i got was that most of them are that way. I hope that it is just one Vicar that is spewing that sort of stuff from the Pulpit, but dont know. Hope all is well with you and yours, and hope all the Soliders/Marines down range (and others) get to piss off their medics by not geting hurt.


I agree Dagamore, not everyone of the Catholic faith believes this way - and I am definitely not anti-Catholic and didn't mean to come off that way! It's just that in the time I've known Royal these type of seemingly small comments and stories keep popping up and it makes me sad and sometimes, like today, a little angry. I appreciate you commenting about your Mass today and the well wishes :o)

Patriot Xeno



I thought it was the duty of priests ans clerics alike to pray for everybody.


I thought so, too - well all I know is I do my best to and that's what counts. After calming down from writing this, I am sure that most Catholic leaders do as well ;o)

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