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Damn good show, I have to agree with Royal, why did that one have to whine about everything. Hope that either the BBC shows this, or you post the other shows, as i dont get ITV on my sky, or at least i have not found it yet.

Pat or Pi

I saw the first episode and will watch the others. I think all recruits should see it and realise what is expected of them. An awful lot of money was wasted when I was training as a nurse and probationers didn't stay the course because they didn't realise what they would be expected to do. Might save the MOD some money that could be used to better effect.


Dag, I will definitely do my best to find them each week online -- I was so down when I thought I would miss them by coming home! I know we had ITV1 on Sky, but I think where we were it was called STV. If that helps...
Pat, I know the guys have to go through a 3 day selection to be allowed to go on to training. I think my main problem was the first man to leave on episode one, day 3 ish -- his complaint was that he was constantly surrounded by Marine stuff... uh, what did you think it was going to be?? That is what bothers me most, guys like that. It seems the others at least give a good solid go.


Amazing what these men are capable of enduring and accomplishing.


Thank for posting this! Bless you and your husband. May we all be victorious over the butchers of children.


Thanks so much for posting the video. Came here via Blackfive. Good luck and God bless to you and your husband.


Thank you all for your wonderful comments


thanks for posting videos.
im currently in australia and cannot watch over itv website so you;ve been great help.


Hi John, thanks for visiting. You are why I post them, really appreciate the comment.


I start my Recruit Training for Royal Marines on the 22nd June - 992 Troop.
Cant wait!


Hey Danny! Congrats on your training. Really, really wish you the best! Keep us informed :o)


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Merry Christmas! I wish you a lot of gifts and luck in the new year.

blu ray

Thanks so much for posting the video. Came here via Blackfive. Good luck and God bless to you and your husband.


"Commando: On the Front Line Episode 1"
Yes, it was wonderful to watch. Looking forward for the next episode too.

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Episode 1 was wonderful. It shows the real character of a commando

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