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Wow! Welcome back to the land of burgers!

Interesting that you were protected from missing things you couldn't do anything about at the time. Hmm.

Thanks for the comment. :)

Pat or Pi

Families can be such a comfort can't they. Every time I see John Wayne I think of my Dad who use to love to watch him - as do most of the men in my family.


Thanks Goalie! I was blessed not to have broken down during that time - I just have to deal now ;o)
Pat: absolutely! The men and women of my family love John Wayne -- I think we must have almost every movie he ever made! Those memories are so important.


Welcome Home Kath!!

Wish Hubby could be with you, but good that you can be here with your family.


Thank you so much SK! My family have been so supportive ever since the beginning of our relationship -- even now, when I'm mega grumpy because I haven't heard from Royal in a week! That takes love ;o)

Old Woman Marine

So sorry to hear that I missed your homecoming! I'm facing south (I'm in Oklahoma) and waving just to you Kath! Love your post...well spoken! Prayers for you, your family, (missed just the same) and your Royal!


Thank you! That really put a smile on my face. I'm waving right back :o) and praying for you as well - really appreciate that most of all.

Rae Anne

Hey, I just came across this blog while looking for info on living in England. Im dating an englishman who is joining the RMC hes coming out in December to visit. And my family is a little leary of our relationship . Any Advice?


Hey Rae Anne, thanks for visiting! If you would be comfortable with this: email me - in.training@hotmail.com I'd be happy to help! I've got just tons of advice...

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