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Patriot Xeno

also see "Commando", starring the terminator himself


This is true! I've been missing you around lately -- Really thought I'd get a filthy hippies comment outta you on the Faslane posts...

p. lee

well done chris terrill. for doing the commando course. but without the weapons training and billeting issues. your 'beastings' would have been less. and not quite a completion therefore


Hey P.Lee, welcome!


What are you on about, without the beastings and the weapons training, the bloke's 55 for pete's sake. He deserves the green lid, he earned it fair and square, bloody well done to him and respect.


I understand what you are saying, Wayne - and welcome! - but actually the weapons training is extraordinarily important to any soldier, especially to Marines. I'm sure that is what P. Lee meant and I know that's what I meant. As I said in my post, triple good on him for the mental and physical toughness! No one can take that away from him.

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