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Hahaha! I laughed at the movie discussion too. Good set of priorities there.
And, for what it's worth, I agree with the guy with the moustache - I like Grosse Point Blank too.


oh, and wee Terry.
I don't know if he annoyed me, or the programme maker's focus on him annoyed me, but it was a hell of a shame to see him medically discharged.
He seemed to be mentally strong enough, but to be forced out due to medical reasons? That must be hard.

I hope he has good luck in the Royal Engineers, and, like you say, theres always the All Arms course.


I for one am glad that Terry did not make it, He tried to quit so damn many times, i dont know why the RM kept letting him back in. I fell for him about his injury, and hope him all the luck as a sapper in the RE's.


Grosse Point Blank is a good movie and actually it's one of my brothers favorites. Poor moustache guy, never even gets a chance... just Star Wars again, even though they watched it just last week...

I found Terry annoying and then loveable, then annoying, then loveable, and on, which is maybe why the director chose him as a focus. And really, the only annoying thing about him was him wanting to quit so many many times. My husband never thought he was going to make it as a RM because of his attitude. Though he pushed on and through, that's why I think it's sad that he was forced out by an injury. I wanted to see how far he could go mentally. Which I have to say, is pretty darn far since he's a Royal Engineer now! Shows he didn't just give up on the Armed Forces and he wants to do some good.

Patriot Xeno

grosse point blank is one of my favorites as well. classic stuff, classic.

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