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You need PROOF THAT YOU'RE LEAVING THE COUNTRY to cancel your INTERNET service? That's really what it was all those years ago--not a "freedom of religion" thing, but a "freedom of internet providers" issue.

And, again, thanks for your comment. I still get teary when I think about that kid.

Pat or Pi

I do fully sympathise. I have just had a run in with Amazon about a book I ordered in March and which - just when it is finally due - they find the credit card doesn't work. Hello it was renewed in August. Long story short grovelling apologies from them and postage waived whilst my BP has risen ten notches.

I'm moving to Texas!


I'm hopin' that if we just use a different reason for leaving they won't need to hear from us again! We'll see. I just thought, sigh "oh for the love of Pete!"
You would be very much welcome in Texas, I assure you! Even just for a visit :o)

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