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Pat or Pi

I read about this also. A prime example of ignorance and stupidity. I think the soldier showed remarkable self control.


That's true, self control I wouldn't have had! I also love that he reported it instead of just going on. Problems aren't fixed if nobody knows about them, or are too lazy or self involved to speak up.

Patriot Xeno

those 12 people around should've done something instead of just standing there watching.

and over here, marines aren't allowed to get gas in their cammies, unless the gas station is on base


I had no idea that you guys couldn't get gas in camo. Do you know why & will you tell me :o)
I know what you mean about the customers standing around, I most certainly would have offered to pay and complained myself.

Patriot Xeno

yeah - i'm not sure exactly why, other than the commandant says so. it used to be we could get gas in them in an emergency, but they just cracked down on that this year. soldiers can wear their cammies anywhere, but if you see somebody in the marine utilities out and about, call them out on it.

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