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I can't help wondering where this happened. In Warminster for instance where one of my sons live the army are looked on as there own and they grieve when they have casualties and rejoice when they come home.


They sleep and live peacefully and ungratefully under the blanket of protection that the military of western countries give to the world. And then have the balls to not only complain about it, but to insult the ones that provided them with the freedom and protection that they have. I have never understood it, but hey at least the ‘dog and soldier keep off grass’ signs are gone from city parks.


Perhaps Royal needs an "I AM A SNIPER" shirt to go with his menacing glare? I'm sitting here safely in the U.S., shaking my head at those kids. "You idiots...do you know what he's capable of?" Fear can be a useful motivator, aside from the concept of respecting one's elders and a uniform.

British Patriot

Did this happen in the Uk ? this is a Disgrace.

Please make sure the Troops know this is only a Minority.

Look at the Comments.


Welcome Brit, It did happen in the UK and I agree it is absolutely a disgrace!
I will pass on to Royal what you've expressed and I encourage the British people to be loud and proud about their military men and women. Not once in the UK has my husband been thanked on the street for serving. Trust me, it means the world to those guys.


Be glad they were only kids, Had they been actual members. He and his mates would not have gotten off that train. But you have to understand one thing. Why has the british government fought so hard with the Irish over something that every person deserves. All they have ever wanted and fought to have was FREEDOM. Don't you think it's time your government understands this will never end. 800 hundred years, and will continue till Ireland is free. STAND FAST, NEVER BACKDOWN!

R. Barry


Hi Barry, you are entitled to your opinion and I to mine. We happen to disagree this time around, maybe it won't always be that way.

Besides that, I think you might have misunderstood what happened on the train. These kids were not Irish and what happened had nothing to do with your 800 years. They were punk kids trying to be macho (and probably close to drunk) and knowing that the Royal Marines were too mature and had too much self control to act. They protect, that's what they do, even if it's you.

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