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First thought: the stall should be enough privacy.

Second thought: if there's only one person making noises on the other side of the stall, there's no more anonymity possible. You _know_ who made the unladylike sounds, and you'll have to look her in the eye when she comes out. (How did people survive with two-holer outhouses?)

I went to a Women of Faith conference a couple of years ago, and our (male) bus driver stopped at a one-stall-per-gender gas station along the way. 60+ women, one stall (but, like yours, a whole room to "share"). So a friend and I comandeered the men's room. She stood guard first (inside the room, outside the stall), and then it was my turn. Just as I finished drying my hands, the door opened and an elderly man tried to come in. I tried to explain to him why he shouldn't continue, but he was so shocked by the sight of someone of my gender in "his" room that my words didn't register. He shook his head and told me I'm the strangest-looking guy he'd ever seen. I ducked past him and my friend followed me out...leaving the guy speechless.

Point: one-stalls should be outlawed--both to ease office tensions and to ensure accomodations for traveling hordes of women.


lock the stall, and thats plenty. If you dont like the noise i make, go away.

Patriot Xeno

if there is a stall, it implies that the bathroom is for more than one person - otherwise there would be no need for the additional layer of privacy. no stall, lock the door. stall, leave it open.

Pat or Pi

I lock everything and I've still been walked in on about three times - once by a man on a bus. Don't know who was most shocked - him or me.


So there we have it, it's just me that wouldn't lock both doors in my office! (except for maybe Xeno)
Normally if I'm in a bathroom that has more than one stall, I would definitely lock the stall door. Or, if there's a one stall bathroom out somewhere in a public restroom I would lock the outside door.
There's just something about this bathroom at work that I don't feel the need to do either!

Goalie and Pat: Been through that! But thinking about it... I guess who hasn't! Always embarrasing.

Patriot Xeno

well obviously you lock the stall door. the door won't stay shut otherwise


but it does. mine does. so what's the point is my point

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